We got a Bosnian Rainbows subforum now

Come check it out here

P.S. ZAVALAZ has yet to release their debut album so without any intent to discriminate, it just seems like a sub-forum for them is not necessary yet, the discussion is still going slow.
(personally, I didn’t think the BR one was necessary but what do I know)

Board is back up!

If there are any issues, please post about them (start a topic if there isn’t already a bugreport one).
So far it only has the ugly standard skin, I’ll work on the looks of the board in a little bit – the most important thing is there and I hope you all like it.


Time to try again.

Bad news – it will be a little bit longer

Apparently there is a bug with the latest IPB software when upgrading, and as luck would have it, we caught that bug (only happens to some). It’s been reported by other people before but there is no fix in sight.
So I’ll have to restore the last database backup, then install a slightly older board version and from that one it should be possible to update to the newest. Sorry about that bit of extra downtime.

Rest assured, I’m working on getting the board backup and running asap (might take until the morning).

Update still ongoing

So far, so good but it’s still not finished (going on 8 hours…). Hope it won’t be too much longer.

IPB upgrade

Upgrade in progress, should be back in a few hours.

Cedric no longer a member of TMV

It’s a sad day. Cedric apparently doesn’t consider himself to still be a part of TMV (at least for the time being – one can only hope that’s about to change at some point in the future; time heals all wounds, right?).


Below you can find a collection of some of CBZs most recent tweets (click to enlarge):
CBZ Tweets

Go to Cedric’s Twitter

TMV on hiatus

Now it’s official, The Mars Volta are taking a break and enter hiatus. Thanks to dmac27 for bringing this to our attention first. I guess that explains why there wasn’t much to blog about lately.
The info is taken from http://bit.ly/PR7imL

Puerto Rican guitarist from the nu-prog rockers The Mars Volta, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, has confirmed that the 6-part group have officially entered in a hiatus, stating that he does not know whether or not the group will reunite, but that it is not something to worry the mind. “I don’t know [if the band will reunite], and I’m not insecure enough to have to ask myself that. It’s like, we’ve done that for ten years, eleven years. Now we’re all doing different things, and everything that we’re doing informs how we express ourselves, and so if that happens then it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t.” The spastic guitarist has also confirmed a brand new project along side the drummer from the aforementioned group, Deantoni Parks, titled “Bosnian Rainbows”, from which an album is expected to be released next year. In addition to that, charismatic lead vocalist, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, is currently working on a solo project, which is also expected to be released next year.

We moved!

Our move to the new server is complete now, the board is back up and running again.
The media section should be working as the day goes on.


EDIT: DNS already updated. Now it’s just a matter of time until your ISP points to the new IP.

Downtime – Moving to a new server

The board will be offline starting Sunday, April 1 @ 6pm GMT+1 (this is not an April Fools joke, just happens to be a good time for me to work on that). It should be back up again on Monday.
This is necessary since we’re moving to a new machine (otherwise we’d lose posts made during/after backup). Thanks for understanding.

P.S. If there are any unexpected delays you will find out about it here.