New TMV album drops end of March 2012

It’s been a very long time without updates simply because nothing much was going on (other than release dates being pushed backed).

Discussion is still taking place in what is probably the longest topic our forum has ever had (1000+ pages). Check it out here, the first post is still kept up-to-date by our dedicated moderators (thanks!).

LP6 is scheduled for release on March 27, it will be titled “Noctourniquet”. The first single should be out in early March.

For more information, check out the topic mentioned above. And if you know something about the release that we don’t, please fill us in.


We’re online again.

Bit of downtime

Board just went offline (reason: hardware switch). This shouldn’t take anywhere as long as the other day, possibly just 1 hour but I can’t promise anything. Will update the blog accordingly once all is done. Other than that no further planned downtime in the near future.

And we are back again

Board is online and working again. Sorry about the unexpected delay (we had to transfer around 100GB and that took way longer than initially expected).

Board will be offline for approx. 5 hours tonight

From approx. 5.30pm GMT to 11.00pm GMT you will not be able to access the board since we are about to upgrade the server it is hosted on. This should benefit you, the users (if all goes well, that is).


Board is back online

Fingers crossed it stays that way 😉

Board offline for a little bit

Sorry, I wasn’t anywhere near a computer to post this earlier. There is nothing wrong with the board but the database is in the middle of being moved to a new server so as a result the board is offline (and shows an IPS driver error).
If all goes well it should be back before midnight (GMT+1).

It wasn’t planned for today so I was as surprised as everyone else.

EDIT: Will take a little longer, unfortunately, nothing I can do about it. Looks like tonight (Tuesday) it should be up and running.

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New drummer is: Dave Elitch

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Forum down

Looks like the server hosting the board is currently offline (the actual server), so you get the standard message that there is an “IPS driver error” or the like.

Hopefully it won’t be long until it’s backup, I was not informed of maintenance work today so not sure what the deal is.

UPDATE2009-11-26: Hardware failure was to blame, no data was lost and all should be good now.