New drummer is: Dave Elitch

Welcome aboard!

Forum down

Looks like the server hosting the board is currently offline (the actual server), so you get the standard message that there is an “IPS driver error” or the like.

Hopefully it won’t be long until it’s backup, I was not informed of maintenance work today so not sure what the deal is.

UPDATE2009-11-26: Hardware failure was to blame, no data was lost and all should be good now.

New drummer to be announced soon

Those that have been following the recent events on our board most probably are aware of the fact that Thomas Pridgen is no longer the drummer for the band. He confirmed that himself recently.
It looks like the boys already settled on a new batteur but we’ll wait for the official announcement until posting the name on the frontpage.
To join the “rumour/speculation pit”, go here (start at about p107).

Xenophanes – Digital Download Now Available & CD Pre-order


Although it is scheduled for physical release on November 10, 2009, the great folks at Rodriguez Lopez Productions have put Xenophanes up as a digital download.

Visit to purchase it in the format of your choice.

You can also click here to pre-order the CD. The vinyl pre-order is coming soon.

Rodriguez Lopez Production Website Now Active

For those of you who may not have noticed, The Rodriguez Lopez Production website is now active. You can keep up to date with RLP-related news, as well as new releases in the online store.

Visit the website here:
Be sure to also follow them on twitter here:

ORL Group live album

It will be called “Los SueƱos De Un Hidago” and is taken from live recordings while on tour in Europe in 2009. Also featuring Ximena.


1 Boiling Death Request A Body To Rest Its Head On
2 How To Bill The Bilderberg Group
3 Locomocion Capillar
4 Las Flores Con Limon
5 Victimas Del Cielo


[click for larger image]

Talk about it and find out more info here.

European tour dates

Tickets for some shows late this year are showing up on various ticketoffice sites, until we can provide you with an official (complete) listing, check out the tour section in our forum here.

Excellent JamBase feature on Omar

Aaron Kayce has done an amazing writeup from his lengthy and detailed interview with Omar. It is very insightful and well done. Check it out here.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Discuss your thoughts here.

Speaking of informative articles pick up Revolver’s latest magazine for some interesting bits of Cedric’s favorite Octa tracks. Read the transcript here.

Since We’ve Been Wrong Video

The video for the North American single, Since We’ve Been Wrong, is now out.

Since We’ve Been Wrong

You can discuss your thoughts on the video here.

Who’s Xenophanes?

General info on the Greek philosopher as well as, possibly of more interest to those reading our blog, information on the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez release of the same title, can now be found here.
You will also find out about some more upcoming releases at the link above.


Xenophanes artwork

Xenophanes artwork (click for higher resolution)